Disqus bans are unfair and unjust

Disqus banned me from a website, yet the website claims l wasn't banned, but l have screen captured the whole thing. Something is not what it seems.
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Disqus is run by *** who hate truth and love political correctness above all else.Disqus ban any and all unpopular speech because they are anti first amendment and very very anti American. Putin loves them.The ban people with no explanation and no means of appeal. That is wrong!

Zissel Wdz

Extremely biased. Too many comments are blocked.

Comments arbitrarily blocked for little or no reason other than a dissenting opinion. Many media sources are also blocked. Disqus usually only lets me post my, or similar comment in one single source and blocks out all other submissions. I am a commentator, not spam or advertising yet I am all by stopped from making any comments. All my attempts to contact them have failed. This is forcing me to file a complaint with the F.C.C. Civil Rights Division. If you would like to join in on the lawsuit contact me Richard at tooooothick@***.com. These people should not be allowed to use extreme censorship for whatever reason,
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Bad quality

Horrific den of unrepentant trolls doing illegal *** constantly.