Carl E Ali

They blanketly and mistakenly blocked all my accounts

Over the last few weeks, seed oday and some pigs at disqus- flat out refuse to refuse my accounts on sites I had just joined, have made quality posts on, do not cause any controversy on- and for no reason? have labled my postings as "low quality" for NO reason. Ive been in contact with sire moderators of two sites in particular who keep reopening my accounts daily, but disqus keeps shutting them down daily. That folks- is some companies squelching my 1st amendment rights. They are NOT supposed to be a moderating site- so iv'e not a clue what those *** are there for EXCEPT to block the postings of Conservatives. My patience with them has clearly ended. Those punks have no clear way to be contacted- that folks- is VERY fishy in itself. I had stumbled onto a way to send a message to one of the bastards last Fri or Sat and their " message" said being it was the weekend, they would reply monday. Well, its Friday and no reply. All my contact info was included. The punk I send the message to- strangely enough looks like mark suckerberg. That company disqus- sucks to say the least and so does their *** sucking seed oday.
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Don M Cxb

Pain in the *rse for commenters