The user alias mentioned among the string of comments known as Thoryne, AERhose, TRKeas, etc has posted again for those following the comments. She has apparently been required to stay home and be under supervision.

However, this user who to my knowledge from the prior comments from several others she has made false claims about provided, Thoryne has seemingly broke court order and was no longer allowed online. This appears to be another issue as this person has once again began to post online.

Her most recent ploy is with the NaNoWriMo website under her handle there, Thoryne where she has announced during the month long writing period that her next project would be "The Things that were lost" no further information has been given.

From what I found from her profiles, many of them have either been deleted, or have no longer been updated to show current status of the user. This is either another camouflage tactic to further hide her identity or an attempt at creating another such alias.

Further investigation dictates that she had either sold her rights regarding her Lost in The Apocalypse story to someone else or has stolen it in its entirety from the user Arin Jones on Twitter and Wattpad as this manga artist published the story before Thoryne and the story itself has well into 28 chapters.

The manga artist has been contacted but has not yet replied.

Location: Martinsburg, West Virginia

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The person AERhose,Thoryne, whatever knows they can be sued, right? They try and keep taking stuff from other people without properly crediting them or not asking permission they'll rack up some hard hitting legal fees.

To clarify the later portion of your post, the user Arin Jones on Wattpad created the content before this Thoryne, AERhose and TRKeas person. As for the NaNoWriMo site, the title you mentioned and what Thoryne posted sounds very similar to what Studio Ghibli and Mary Norton's animation The Secret Life of Erietty and The Borrower's novel that was later turned into a movie and remake. Studio Ghibli put his own spin on the novel by focusing on only certain aspects of the characters, plot and making something entirely new with it. Just wanting to make this clear - this is nothing more than a hunch, and my own thoughts in terms of the title given alone.

My first thought when hearing the title "The Things that were Lost" is The Borrower's. If this person doesn't go through the proper legal channels to use the content, then the companies will eventually come after her.


Yeah, no... AERhose, sweetie, are you just wanting attention or just stupid? Studio Ghibli alone can bury you in legal fees, not to mention Square Enix simply for using a likeness of a character without giving credit.

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