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Disqus not only is horrifically bias they are actively engaged in controlling the conversations both in and out of their purview. Some say they are very unsecure, well I have experienced people taking my comments, erasing and then plagiarizing the comment to turn the tables of a conversation that was going horribly bad for them.

They allow trolls to do this kind of thing unchecked and have gotten into a realm of moderating things they have no business moderating. And they do this mis-moderation for police, the Veteran's Administration, etc to allow these corrupt institutions a platform to advertise a conversation that is completely phony. They allow the VA to say they have an open discussion platform but its moderated into propaganda worse then what the VA hires advertisers to lie about which is why an open platform was called for in the first place. They squelched the discussions on police and only allowed comments that sucked up to police or were some talk down and break it down comment by a cop they were pedestalizing, and then when it comes to individual comments they allow breitbart to *** unabashedly to erase and stack comments so they can get people who are in no way shape or form an asset to an idea, infiltrated into that idea while also character assassinating thru *** posting and *** deletions an asset to that community so as to steal credibility and enlist false flag hate against people aligned.

Disqus is more toxic than just the internet domains it controls, it is the most dangerous infection of false information the alt right has brought to bear yet. If your just complaining about it's functionality you know nothing, if your complaining about it being too Liberal, your lying piece of *** I better not ever have the displeasure of meeting. They got into the police discussion and squelched that, now they're getting in to the Veteran's discussion and are about to squelch that on a bunch of tech-ignorant victims playing suck up to the phony VA... lol you know how much the VA spends on security?

A lot more than just on the VA cops it has tasked on policing the Federal property the hospital functions on.

It holds privileged events for the local police on its grounds to collude for the corruption it requires, it has I got mine *** you veteran organizations like the Legionnaires to get get Trump to blow their *** full of smoke and defend their false care of veterans in general. The question is what kind of security does Disqus have around the phone they don't answer that is moderating this soon to be violence the VA is prepared for?

Review about: Disqus Forum.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

I didn't like: Squelching of dissent in the only open forum with the va.

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I was just banned from disqus for commenting that Islam is not a religion.

Bill Stacy

Is there anywhere, anyone can comment on news articles without the monopolization of this extreme leftist Disqus? I cannot believe the 'moderators' on Disqus sites have the absolute gall of commenting with such bias.

The whole reason they are moderators is to stay neutral and steer the conversation from the flames and ignorant, except they are the ones who unabashedly flaming those with differing opinions. They are not moderators - they are left's *thought police*.

Just yesterday, before I trashed my account, one mod with such lack of etiquette was assuming my political affiliation from some generic text I had left, and of course proceeded to attack me, and sadly they think nothing of the wrongs they commit. You can't see the propaganda, if you agree with it.


I suspect that Putin and the Russians own Disqus and have weaponized it to hurt democracy.

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