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When I try to log in via Facebook or Twitter on a Disqus® formatted comment section, a popup window from Disqus® directs me to send a "Confirmation Email" from some random email which is not mine. When I try to contact Disqus® to sort out the snafu, I can't find any way or means to connect with Disqus® or an actual human being to help me.

When I Google search to find support or a Disqus® FAQ I encounter people with the exact same problem as me but no answers or solutions to remedy the situation, it's extremely frustrating.

It's as if some "genius" at Disqus® who thinks his scheme is the best it can be, decides it's not a problem because you can't reach them to let them know of the issue. I hope someone can create an interactive comment app or program to supplant or replace "user unfriendly" Diqus®.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disqus Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Same here, I never get a confirmation email when I try to post a comment. Then I wrote to Disqus and got some "thank you we're getting a high volume of..." Folloed the next day by a response from some BOT that didn't answer the question, but gave me a link to the community, where when I tried to ask a question, wouldn't all me to enter data in the last description box.

A total fail, Windows 10 Firefox.Then another useless link that seems to be about managers not users?'ve checked my spam filter, checked email on the server, checked everything and still no way to post to the news site where the article was. I don't think I'm blocked but maybe the news people have blocked everyone who uses Yahoo mail, which would be AT&T, many cable companies and anyplace that pays for Yahoo Mail as their mail service.But most frustrating is no answers in a search, no answers at Disqus, no email or way to ask a question or contact some human who might actually care.

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