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When I try to log in via Facebook or Twitter on a Disqus® formatted comment section, a popup window from Disqus® directs me to send a "Confirmation Email" from some random email which is not mine.When I try to contact Disqus® to sort out the snafu, I can't find any way or means to connect with Disqus® or an actual human being to help me.

When I Google search to find support or a Disqus® FAQ I encounter people with the exact same problem as me but no answers or solutions to remedy the situation, it's extremely frustrating.

It's as if some "genius" at Disqus® who thinks his scheme is the best it can be, decides it's not a problem because you can't reach them to let them know of the issue.I hope someone can create an interactive comment app or program to supplant or replace "user unfriendly" Diqus®.


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