I signed up and used it for some time and suddenly my account was "closed" with no explanation

Trying to correct that problem is a major frustration! Frustrated and very angry at Disqus.

All I get from Disqus is that I already have an account, sign up. I cannot sign up because every Email they send with verification ends up at the wrong email site. My email is brifred1@***.net. They keep sending the email to brifred1@***.net4.

I am retired from IBM where I spent a long career working with computers, programming and manufacturing.

So I am very familiar with them and their use. Disqus is without question the worst application I have ever seen. Their "help" support is nothing but a collection of emails from people at some time in the past.

I have to wonder if the MANAGEMENT at Disqus is aware of the problems at the working level. Looking at opinions expressed by users, and potential users, the company is not well regarded or respected.

Given my experience, I can fully understand.

In closing, I have to say that I expect little/no response from Disqus. This problem has been going on for several days now.

All I get from my efforts to solve the problem is emails sent to the wrong address.

Whether this effort will resolve the problem, I have to wonder. All my experience in customer service tells me that Disqus does not care very much, if at all, about customer satisfaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disqus Account.

Location: Manassas, Virginia

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