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Could you please help me?

Something or someone changed my regular account to an old temporally account.

For some reason I can see my regular Disqus account but I am unable to comment or join my friends in Disqus and make comments, etc.

However I seem to be connected to an old account and there is no way I can join them via my regular account

My regualar account which I opened as soon as Disqus started it channel is:





This is my formal account and the only information I have right now.

Thank you


Reason of review: Not being able to join my friends in Disqus.

Disqus Pros: Very good.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

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"This is my formal account and the only one I have"?? Aren't you asking for another account to be opened for you??

Can you have 2 accounts at once?

Do you already use sockpuppets violating the TOS of Disqus? Seems you have plenty of accounts available to you...

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